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Privacy Policy

DAEWOO Compressor (Hereunder referred to as the ‘Website’) has established and implements the following privacy policy to protect the private information of users.

▣ Scope of Private Information Collected

1) Items to be collected
* Required Information : name, mobile phone no, email address
* Optional Information : Company name, Detail content

▣ Purpose for Collecting and Using Personal Information

This website collects personal information for the following purposes.

Response to product inquiries and customers’ queries, provision of products and services, such as answering questions related to the company’s services, and providing various notices and contacts to users

This website does not collect sensitive personal information (race or ethnicity, philosophy or beliefs, origin or domicile, political orientation or criminal record, health or sexual status, etc.) which can violate the basic human rights of users.

▣. Period of Personal Information Retention and Use

The personal information of members shall be destroyed or deleted once the purpose for which it was collected, as mentioned below, has been fulfilled.

Unless the company is obligated to preserve customers’ personal information pursuant to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, the company will retain and use their personal information up to three years from the date of receipt of the consultation



Compressor Personal Information Entry Table
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