The shape and color of the symbol mark cannot be changed arbitrarily and must be used accurately according to regulations.
CI stands for Corporate Identity, which means a visual element formula for integrating corporate images.
The logotype is an importance visual element for recognizing DAEWOO Compressors brand image together with symbol marks. The English logotype is designed with proportion and space according to the shape of each letter, so the shape, thickness, proportion and etc. should not be changed arbitrarily.




Morphologically, the suburb was made elliptical to form a large space, extendingto the 5 world oceans showing progression to 6 continents, the form diffused from the center part to the upper part shows future-oriented treatment of DAEWOO.

Made the color dark blue to match with DAEWOO compressors image of young and innovative mind, it means creative and challenges. Since the symbol mark representing DAEWOO Compressor’s brand image is the most importance element, it can not be arbitrarily changed



Since the signature is an officially defined element for consistency of the company image, when using it by enlarging or reducing, it is necessary to use spacing or size of the font proportionally .